QR Code used for receiving payment from UPI APPs is called UPI QR Code. UPI QR Code contains information related to payment receiver, Payers scans with UPI mobile app, the UPI QR Code of receiver to make payment. Payment is debited from payer account by the payer bank and payer bank sends credit details to receiver bank and reciver bank credit the amount into the payers bank account. After amount is credited into payers account, payer can use the amount to make payment or can withdraw the amount.

UPI QR Code Features

  • Instant Credit to your bank account
  • No transaction Charges
  • No monthly Charges
  • No Annual Charges
  • No Maintenance Charges
  • No SWIPE Machine required
  • No Smart Phone required to receive UPI Payments
  • No Installation required
  • No need to share your mobile number
  • No need to send payment request

How to Receive UPI payments?

  • By installing any UPI APP and creating VPA/ UPI ID
  • By Bank Account Number & IFSC Code
  • By Mobile Number and MMID
  • By Aadhaar number
  • By RuPay card number
  • By A one time or time/amount limited tokens issued by a PSP
  • By PPI Card No.
  • By User ID issued by a PSP
  • By Account Identifier issued by PSP

How to Generate UPI QR Code

You can Generate your UPI QR Code and print your UPI QR code on paper or save the image file , display the printed UPI QR Code image on your shop , office, or share your UPI QR Code image with your friends, relatives & customers and ask them to scan with their UPI APP or BHIM APP to make you payment and you will receive SMS of payment received from your bank. You can also print your UPI QR Code on invoices / bills and can ask your customers to scan your UPI QR Code with their UPI APP or BHIM APP to make payment.

Are you ready to go cashless? Generate your UPI QR Code for free to receive payments from any bank UPI APP from the following link:

Generate your UPI QR Code

How to check your Sample UPI QR Code

  • Download and Install UPI APP of any Bank or BHIM APP on a smart phone linked to other Bank account
  • Follow the instructions during the installation process and link bank account
  • Scan the UPI QR Code generated from the site, with the UPI APP or BHIM APP
  • Press Pay Button
  • You will get amount debited message on your mobile
  • Beneficiary will get amount credited message on his/her mobile
  • Beneficiary of payment, can use the payment

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