UPI Payments

UPI (Unified Payments Interface) is a payment system that allows to transfer money between any two parties with the help of banks UPI Apps. UPI Application allows customer to instantly transfer money to someone else using the IMPS payment framework, even without having to know their bank account number or IFSC code.

UPI Payment Addresses

  • VPA -Virtual Payment Address: yourname@your bank name, VPA is approved when registering with UPI App
  • Bank Account No. & IFSC Code: your bank account no.@your bank branch ifsc code
  • Aadhaar Number, in case registered with your account number: aadhaar no@aadhaar no, if Aadhaar no. is linked with your account no.
  • Mobile No., registered with your account no. VPA for mobile no. will be as : mobile no@mmid
  • A PPI provider issued card number, resolved directly by PPI provider, is represented as ppi-card-no@ppi-psp-code (e.g. 000012346789@myppi)
  • A user id provided by PSP, resolved directly by that PSP, is represented as user-id@psp-code (e.g.userid@mypsp)
  • A one time or time/amount limited tokens issued by a PSP, resolved directly by that PSP, is represented as token@psp-code (e.g. ot123456@mypsp)

Advantages of UPI Payments

  • Instant Credits of payments to your account.
  • No transaction charges, till now banks are not charging anything on UPI Transactions
  • Single mobile application for accessing different bank accounts
  • It is safe and secure. 2 Factor Authentication, Aligned with the Regulatory guidelines, yet provides for a very strong feature of seamless single click payment.
  • It works 24*7 and 365 days. Transfer UPI payment at any time.
  • Best answer to Cash on Delivery hassle, running to an ATM or rendering exact amount.
  • Scheduling PUSH and PULL Payments for various purposes.
  • Utility Bill Payments, Over the Counter Payments, Bar Code (Scan and Pay) based payments.
  • Raising Complaint from Mobile App directly.

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