UPI Payment Link API- Developers Resources

Developers can integrate our UPI Payment Link API ( Application Programming Interface) into their web applications or mobile applications. For commercial use, the developers can contact us at www.upiqrcode.com/contact-us

API ENDPOINT : https://www.upiqrcode.com/upi-link-generator

ParametersData TypeWhether MandatoryDescription
apikey string yes apikey Registered users can access their apikey in dashboard.
seckey string yes seckey Registered users can define their secret key in dashboard.
vpa string yes Virtual Private Address created from any bank UPI APP
payee string Yes Receiver of the payment
billno string No Bill No.
Note: If bill Number is not supplied, then you will not be able to identify against which bill, payment has been received.
amount Currency #.00 No Bill Amount

How to send your UPI Payment Link Request:


Above request to UPI Payment Link API will display UPI QR Code, which payers can scan with mobile or can tap in mobile to invoke UPI APPs to make payment.

Note: UPI Payment Link shorten option is also available on demand from developers
Users have to register and update their VPA in their profile, otherwise the requests will not be processed.
Payment link for Mobile applications :

When the user click on this link, it will display all UPI Apps installed on user's mobile, the user can select any UPI APP to make you payment.

Android Code for Sharing UPI Payment Link

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